Hillary Clinton Is Preparing To Unleash A Historic Massive Battleground Blitz On Trump

Hillary Clinton is readying a battleground push of ads and on the on the ground operation that is unprecedented and has never before been seen in American electoral presidential politics.

The Clinton campaign is set to unleash a massive wave of voter registration efforts, organizers, and ads in the key states of Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Politico reported:

A last-second ad and organizing blitz is hardly unusual in campaigns, but the size and intensity of Clinton’s could feel like none before due both to the resource imbalance between her campaign and Trump’s, and her team’s insistence on stockpiling highly coveted political funds until now, even as it’s raised less than Barack Obama’s 2012 operation.


The enormous cash position gives Clinton nearly $5 million to spend per day— even before money from the Democratic National Committee, which entered September with roughly $11.5 million, and the main super PAC Priorities USA Action, which started last month with $40 million, is taken into account. New laws that came into effect since the last presidential election allow Clinton to directly use fundraising committees with higher contribution limits than ever before, even if there are some restrictions on how the money can be spent — four years ago, Obama’s campaign, the DNC, and Priorities, were all sitting on far less at the start of October. (Clinton’s 2016 numbers are similar to Obama’s in 2008, though he didn’t have a super PAC then.)

The Clinton campaign was criticized in some circles of the left for not spending as much money as they could have at various points during the 2016 campaign. Now, it is clear that Clinton was hanging on to resources so that she would be able to overwhelm Trump and the Republican Party.

Donald Trump and the RNC lack the resources to put organizers on the ground, coordinate voter registration efforts, and keep up with Clinton’s advertising pace. The Clinton camp understood sooner and better than everyone else that 2016 was likely to be a base election. Their entire campaign has been focused on getting Democratic voters out.

Trump is already losing, and the scary thing for Republicans is that Hillary Clinton is just getting warmed up.