Mike Pence Flees Reporters And Goes Into Hiding After Vile Trump Tape Leaks

Donald Trump’s own running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, ran away from his press pool and went into hiding after an audio tape of Donald Trump making vile comments about women was published.

Video of a reporter trying to ask Pence about the tape where Trump brags about sexually assaulting women:

Pence wasn’t just avoiding questions from the press at his event in Ohio. The man who spent 90 minutes telling America why Trump would be a great president ditched his press pool before they could ask him any questions about the tape.

According to Politico, “Suddenly, and without explanation, the pool was told Pence would be leaving directly after he finished dining, without looking at the signatures or shaking any more hands. The pool was instructed to return to the press bus and was not permitted to film Pence leaving the restaurant — thus stripping them of an opportunity to ask Pence for his reaction to the news.”

Gov. Pence is hiding from the media because he doesn’t want to answer the question about how a supposed man of faith and values can share a ticket with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is finished in American politics, and he is taking Mike Pence down with him. Pence can run. Pence can hide, but he will now be forever linked to Donald Trump.