Republican Senator Calls On Trump To Drop Out Of The Presidential Race

Republican Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois is calling on Donald Trump to immediately drop out of the presidential race so that the GOP can replace him with another candidate.

Sen. Kirk tweeted:

Donald Trump isn’t going to drop out of the presidential race, and even if he did, his name would still appear on ballots across the country. Even if Trump did drop out, Republicans would have to ask their voters to write in the name of another candidate.

However, Trump isn’t going anywhere. Donald Trump doesn’t care about Mark Kirk or any of the other Republican senators who likely to lose their seats if he stays in the race. Trump doesn’t believe that he did anything wrong, so he doesn’t see a reason to drop out of the presidential race.

Even if Trump did do something wrong, his behavior as a candidate has made it clear that what Donald Trump wants comes before the Republican Party. In his mind, Trump is the Republican Party now.

Nice try, Sen. Kirk, but unless the RNC moves to remove Trump as their nominee, a whole lot of Republican incumbents better get used to the idea of losing on election day, because Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere.