Paul Ryan Just Kicked Donald Trump Out Of A Campaign Event In Wisconsin

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has kicked Donald Trump out of a scheduled Wisconsin Republican event and announced that the Republican presidential nominee.

Ryan said in a statement:

The Speaker of the House just gave the boot to the Republican presidential nominee, because he is too toxic to be near.

Make no mistake, Ryan’s actions had nothing to do with doing the right thing for women. Trump’s record of sexism was well documented before Speaker Ryan ever endorsed him.

Republicans are fleeing Trump in an attempt to save their own skins. The big move by the GOP is substitute Pence for Trump, which is the equivalent of Republicans swapping the gay and woman hating half of their ticket for the woman assaulting half of the ticket. In other words, Pence for Trump isn’t a big improvement.

If Speaker Ryan really wanted to earn the respect of the American people, he would take back endorsement of Trump and apologize for ever supporting him. Such a move would take courage, and if there is one thing that Paul Ryan lacks it is the courage to lead his party.