Trump Is Throwing Tantrums And Refusing To Prepare For Second Presidential Debate

An inside look at Trump’s debate preparation reveals a candidate who is throwing tantrums while refusing to sit down and study ahead of the second presidential debate.
The Washington Post went inside the Trump campaign and found an ugly situation brewing:

As his motorcade pulled into Denver’s Ritz-Carlton hotel for the night, Trump was in a fury. He lashed out at aides for booking such luxurious accommodations, saying he would have preferred to stay at a Holiday Inn Express — a chain he considers reliably clean — as he did on occasion during the primaries, according to three people familiar with the episode who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution.


So it went throughout the rest of this week, as pressure mounted on Trump to rebound or risk losing to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a landslide. Although Trump understood that he needed to improve his standing, he continued to boast behind the scenes about unscientific online polls showing he won the first debate.

Trump resisted suggestions from his advisers to practice exhaustively for the second debate, a town hall-style forum that will be held Sunday night in St. Louis. He flat-out refused to participate in mock sessions, saying such play-acting was annoying.

Donald Trump is flying off into rages at his campaign staff for daring to spend money on a nice hotel, by the way, they aren’t spending Trump’s money, so his outburst looks more like you can’t control me outburst than that of a savvy businessman.

Trump is also refusing to study and do real preparation for the debate, but he believes that he really won the first debate. Anyone who is expecting a performance out of Donald Trump in the second debate that will be much different than the first debate is setting themselves up for some major disappointment.

The Republican nominee isn’t going to change. Even though every single poll shows him losing, Donald Trump is going to continue down the same path that caused him to get his clock cleaned in the first presidential debate. At a time when voters are making their decision, Trump is completely out of control.

Hillary Clinton needs to keep talking to her potential voters who may still be on the fence, but she may not have to worry about facing a new Donald Trump because her opponent is insisting on being himself while coming unglued.