Saturday Fox Follies – The Anniversary Waltz


As a bow-wrapped present for the 20th Anniversary of the openly racist Fox “News” Network, the 2nd Anniversary of Friday Fox Follies, and the 7th anniversary of this reporter writing Fox “News” criticism, Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity have buried the hatchet, and not in each others back, either.

Before I get to this week’s meat, I’d be negligent without any mention all the time Fox “News” spent on Trump compared to the other nets; all the various ways Fox “News” bashed Hillary Clinton; while at the same time providing cover for Trump on issues ranging from his genius tax strategy when his businesses were tanking; or defending his poor debate performance, especially when compared to Mike Pence, despite his lies; and the candidate’s inherent misogyny, which aligns with the station’s. [See: Ailes, Roger] Even Top Adviser Roger Stone [admits]: Trump Mostly Does Interviews With Hosts Like Hannity And O’Reilly To “Eliminate Risk”, which is an admission that neither men are FAIR & BALANCED.

But I have bigger fish to fry. Like an entire racist tee vee network celebrating an anniversary today.


THE FOX HOLE IS RACIST: When called out, the last refuge of racists is “It’s just a joke. Whassamattah? Doncha got a sense of humour?” Compare that to Jesse Watters non-apology apology:

Racist Fox “News” has since declined comment, as has racist O’Reilly. However, there’s been commentary elsewhere. A small sampling:

Lawmakers Condemn “Vile” And “Xenophobic” O’Reilly Factor Chinatown SegmentNY State Senator Tells Fox News Correspondent ‘Don’t Come Back’ to His District After Racist SegmentNYC Mayor De Blasio Blasts Fox’s Offensive Chinatown SegmentAsian American Journalists Association President Criticizes Fox News For Segment “Rife With Racist Stereotypes”Fox’s Jesse Watters Makes A Shockingly Tasteless Visit To NYC’s Chinatown‘Racist’ Fox News piece blasted by Asian-Americans and people with basic sense of decencyFox News Thinks Its Flagrant Racism Against Asians Is Just ‘Good Fun’ • The O’Reilly Factor Takes a Trip to Chinatown. Racism Ensues.Fox News Goes To Chinatown To Show Off Its Amazing RacismThis Racist Fox News Video Is, Uh, Pretty RacistCivil Rights Groups Criticize Fox News for ‘Racist and Offensive’ Chinatown Segment

As a palate cleaner try The Daily Show’s Ronny Chieng’s righteous indignation:


Let’s not forget this happened on racist Bill O’Reilly’s Ugly Carnival, as I quote from The Atlantic:

What’s more specifically racist than sending a reporter to Chinatown to make ostensibly “Chinese” jokes involving taekwondo (a Korean martial art), nunchucks (an Okinawan weapon), stolen watches, dragons,  and foot massages? Probably nothing. There are so many cringe-worthy moments in Jesse Watters’s Chinatown video for Fox’s O’Reilly Factor that it’s almost tedious to enumerate them. But possibly the worst are the ones featuring elderly Asians who stand silently on camera while Watters pokes fun of them and their apparent inability to speak English. Who punches that far down for a laugh? Fox, apparently.
After the segment aired, O’Reilly and Watters sat on set, chuckling at what O’Reilly termed the “gentle fun” in Watters’s video, though O’Reilly cautioned that he suspected, “we’re going to get letters—inevitable,” betraying an inkling that what had just aired might offend some people out there, somewhere.

It’s just a joke, right?

Meanwhile, here’s what else Loofah Lad was up to this week:

O’Reilly Uses Old, Repeatedly Debunked Right-Wing Myths
To Call For “Independent Prosecutor” Of “Corrupt” DOJ

Bill O’Reilly Wants Chuck Todd To Apologize
For Pointing Out Giuliani’s Marriage Hypocrisy

Bill O’Reilly Says Trump’s “Disdain” For Obama Motivated
Presidential Run But “He’s Not A Grudge Holder”

O’Reilly: Hillary Clinton “Needs To Back Away
From ‘It’s All About Me’ And Make It ‘All About Us'”

Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly is just fine
with Donald Trump’s fat-shaming ways

Bill O’Reilly Trumpets Yet Another
Of His Voter Fraud ‘Investigations’

Bill O’Reilly steering clear of Hannity-Kelly feud

REMEMBER: No matter how odious one may find racist Bill O’Reilly, he created racist Jesse Watters. Here’s a Media Matters supercut of awful:

Jesse Watters: The Worst Of The Worst

MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO: Any wonder the denizens of Fox Nation (probably no longer curated by racist Jesse Watters) get away with open racism and hate? More alarming? How long it took to get credible death and assassination threats removed.

My former NewsHounds editor tells how after she reported someone to the FBI, how long it still took to bring him to justice in Fox Nation’s Wannabe Murderer Sentenced To One Year In Jail.

So this guy has been threatening murder since at least 2009 and he posted tens of thousands of comments on Fox Nation since 2012, including at least six murder threats we stumbled on in 2015. How many more do you think there had to be? The point is, regardless of the number it’s simply inexcusable, if not some kind of legal negligence, for Fox Nation to have allowed this to continue. For any length of time.

I won’t link, but check out Fox Nation the next time you feel like wandering through an open sewer.

FAMILY FEUD: Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity entertained the innertubes this week with open hostilities, in which Hannity leveled the worse kind of attack on Kelly that one could toss at a Fox personality: That Kelly supports Hillary Clinton. Sadly, they’ve now made up, but a lot of people ain’t buying it. When Hannity denied they were ordered to play nice, it was as good as a confirmation they were.

The best reporting on the inside of this feud is How an old-boys’ network helped sideline Fox News’s Megyn Kelly in campaign 2016.

No matter, she’s still a partisan. This week’s proof? Like when she mocked Hillary Clinton for staged moments on campaign — err — stages, or when she retailed already debunked Clinton conspiracies, but called out the media’s for reporting accurately on Trump, or even Why Would Megyn Kelly — Who Always Stays Above-the-Fray — Now Start Taking Shots? [Writer’s note: she’s not above the fray, just subtle.]

For his part, there’s no subtlety to Hannity’s partisanship, nor his racism:

Sean Hannity Blames “Gullible Population” For Trump’s Lagging Poll NumbersSean Hannity Drops ‘Hillary Clinton Brain Damage’ In Favor Of Heart TroubleHannity: ‘I Don’t Think Trump Has to Win the Debates’Hannity And Smear Merchant Ed Klein Claim The National Enquirer “Gets A Lot Of Things Right”A Fox News Host Agrees Sean Hannity’s Show Is ‘An Extension’ Of The Trump CampaignWatch CNN’s Reliable Sources Blast Hannity As ‘An Arm Of The Trump Campaign’On Hannity, Sheriff David Clarke Calls Poor Blacks ‘Culturally Dysfunctional’ And Living In A ‘Hellhole’

FAIR & BALANCED? In what Bizarro World?


Geraldo Rivera sues over water damage to his Upper East Side pad

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner & Hasbro Settle
Lawsuit Over ‘Harris Faulkner’ Hamster

MORE AILES FALLOUT: In her first tee vee interview, On Good Morning America, Andrea Tantaros Explains The “Pervasive … Culture Of Misogyny And Sexism” At Fox News, while Post-Ailes, Fox News struggles with snipes and gripes.

Headly Westerfield considers his Fox “News” criticism a public service, because he earns so little from it.

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