The Republican Party Cuts Off Trump’s Cash And Leaves Their Nominee To Wither And Die

Reince Priebus has directed the RNC to cut off all cash and support to Donald Trump and direct resources to down ballot candidates.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Saturday told party officials to redirect funds away from nominee Donald Trump to down-ballot candidates, according to an official informed of the decision. In practical terms, the party will be working to mobilize voters who support GOP House and Senate candidates regardless of their position on the presidential race.

That means the RNC will push Floridians who support both Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio to vote. Before today, the RNC wouldn’t have sought to turn out Clinton voters, leaving split-ticket voters for Senate campaigns to target.
As I have been reporting for months, Donald Trump has no campaign organization of his own. By cutting off RNC funds, the Republican Party is abandoning their nominee to certain defeat. Trump has no get out the vote operation, no data operation, and no staff on the ground in key swing states.

The Republican Party has been doing it all for Trump, but Reince Priebus is pulling the plug. The move to dump Trump financially has been rumored since August, but it was widely thought that the party would give their nominee at least through the second presidential debate to turn the campaign around.
The release of a tape that features Trump bragging about sexual assault and using lewd language while discussing women has changed the political calculus.

The Republican Party is dumping Trump to save their own hides, but it may be too little too late to save Republicans from a catastrophic defeat.