Republicans Are Going For The Kill On Trump By Pressuring Mike Pence To Quit Campaign

The Republican Party has cut off Donald Trump’s funding and now they are pressuring his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence to quit the ticket and kill Trump’s campaign.

CNN’s Dana Bash tweeted:

The RNC cut off Trump’s cash to force him to quit. When that didn’t work, the party moved on to pressuring Mike Pence to leave the ticket, so that Trump would have no running mate weeks before the election.

Trump never wanted Pence on the ticket in the first place, so if his running mate bailed, he would likely do what he always wanted to do, which is call up Christie, Gingrich, or Guiliani and have one of them join the ticket.

Donald Trump would also trash Mike Pence to make sure that the Indiana governor had no future in Republican presidential politics. The GOP is definitely trying to force Trump out, but unfortunately for them, one of the few things that Trump is good at is not exiting until he has gotten everything he can out of a situation.

Trump isn’t going anywhere. Donald Trump still has weeks worth of free publicity to exploit, and millions to be made by billing the campaign.

Even if Pence left right now, Trump would slog on, and take the Republican Party down with him on election day.

In other words, the GOP is destined to sleep with the political fishes, because they climbed into bed with Donald J. Trump.