With Hours To Go Before Presidential Debate, Trump Shows Signs Of Paranoid Breakdown

Instead of preparing for the second presidential debate on Sunday night, Donald Trump took to Twitter and went on a paranoid morning rant against his fellow Republicans and the American people.

Trump retweeted several of his followers who sent him pledges of support, but also showed where his mind is:

A normal presidential candidate would have immediately apologized for the tape, begged for forgiveness, and tried to patch things with his party.

Donald Trump is showing signs of a complete paranoid meltdown. Judging from his tweets, Trump is planning on declaring war on the Republican Party at the debate. It is a given that the Republican nominee is going to use every baseless Bill Clinton conspiracy theory in an ugly attempt to save his campaign.

What Republicans might not have been expecting was that Trump would use the debate platform to attack his own party.

Trump is handling this self-caused crisis. He is melting down, and his psychological collapse could play out live in front of the largest debate audience in the history of the United States.

Donald Trump does not seem well. He appears to be gearing up to unleash his illness on Hillary Clinton, the Republican Party, and the American people.

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