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For the First Time Ever, Foreign Policy Magazine Endorses a Candidate: Hillary Clinton

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:19 pm

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Writing that “In the nearly half century history of Foreign Policy, the editors of this publication have never endorsed a candidate for political office,” the editors of Foreign Policy state that,

“We cherish and fiercely protect this publication’s independence and its reputation for objectivity, and we deeply value our relationship with all of our readers, regardless of political orientation.”

And then the bombshell, that,

“It is for all these reasons that FP’s editors are now breaking with tradition to endorse Hillary Clinton for the next president of the United States.”

The reason is quite clear:

A Donald Trump presidency is among the greatest threats facing America, and the Republican standard-bearer is the worst major-party candidate for the job in U.S. history.”

This decision to endorse a candidate, they say, was not undertaken lightly:

Our readers depend on FP for insight and analysis into issues of national security and foreign policy. We feel that our obligation to our readers thus extends now to making clear the great magnitude of the threat that a Donald Trump presidency would pose to the United States. The dangers Trump presents as president stretch beyond the United States to the international economy, to global security, to America’s allies, as well as to countless innocents everywhere who would be the victims of his inexperience, his perverse policy views, and the profound unsuitability of his temperament for the office he seeks.

And yes, that makes Trump the worst candidate for president in over 200 years of American history, since George Washington in 1789. If you want to be precise, that is 227 years and 44 presidents.

And it isn’t just a matter of how bad Trump is, but how good Clinton is. As the editors write:

[A]s first lady, New York senator, and secretary of state, Hillary Clinton regularly distinguished herself by her intelligence, dogged work ethic, ability to work across the political aisle, and leadership on difficult issues. She has devoted her entire life to public service and has been a powerful and effective advocate for women, children, and those in need at home and abroad.

In other words, all the reasons Trump holds out as reasons Hillary Clinton should not be president, are why the editors of Foreign Policy says Clinton must be president.

Trump claims he is going to make America great again, but the worst candidate in 227 years is going to do nothing of the sort, as it widely recognized by those cognizant of facts.

In every key element of a president’s duties, Donald Trump is a disaster. He is, as experts warn, a danger to not only US national security, but to global security.

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