Trump’s Failed Debate Tactics Reveal A Weak And Despicable Man

Donald Trump used women as props tonight in an attempt to hurt Hillary Clinton over her husband’s infidelity. Does it get weaker than that?

It doesn’t.

Donald Trump used women he claims Bill Clinton raped. He used them as props to sit in the audience in order to intimidate and hurt Hillary Clinton. This is how Donald Trump “debates” about issues facing the country right now. Donald Trump was on Bill Clinton’s side when this all went down in the 90s, dismissing the same accusers he used today.

The pundits didn’t say much about this, and yet as a woman I watched this in horror. There is a reason we don’t bring up the pending court case of rape against Donald Trump, and that is that there is no evidence. And there is no evidence that Bill Clinton raped these women, in fact one of them signed an affidavit to the contrary, and there is no evidence that Hillary Clinton did anything to enable said unproven accusations.

This is an area civilized people do not go, but Donald Trump went there.

He didn’t go there as in some current problem today, he reached back into the 90s because he is so weak as a candidate that he could not face Hillary Clinton without this weapon.

Trump had to wound Clinton in her heart, in her personal life, in her marriage – that deepest spot. That is who he is.

Trump admitted that he sexually assaults women. Yet somehow he thought it would be appropriate to hit Hillary over accusations about her husband from the 90s.

Donald Trump is a weak loser. There is no other way to put it. His base thinks he won tonight, because like Donald, they revel in cruelty and tinfoil conspiracies. But the public doesn’t agree.

If Hillary Clinton had stocked the audience with women who had rejected Donald Trump and publicly on live TV announced, as he did about the women in the audience, “These women said your penis was microscopic and you were horrible in bed!” it might have reached some sort of level playing field.

If Hillary Clinton had done that, the pundits would have destroyed her. But somehow it was okay for Trump to hit her in her marriage.

Donald Trump needed that crutch so much that he paid to fly at least one of the women there. Breitbart helped out. And for all of that, Donald Trump lacked the guts to go all the way in on the conspiracy so even here he failed.

Trump loomed behind Clinton menacingly when she spoke, attempting to intimidate her but ending up looking weirdly unhinged. He spoke over her, pointed at her, repeatedly called her “she” and made outrageously false accusations that will keep the fact checkers busy all week – all in between Trump’s incessant whining.

Watching him do this to a woman who has never attacked him personally was painful. It was embarrassing. It was unbelievable to see how low he could bring us all.

But he did not succeed. And he will not succeed. Donald Trump is a predatory abuser, and that is why he tried to humiliate Hillary Clinton tonight. This is what abusers do when they get caught.

Donald Trump could not achieve his goal to weaken Clinton no matter what dirty tactics he used, and his failure to land a punch caused him to grow more and more hyperbolic until he promised to jail her if he got elected. Donald Trump became so unglued in his attempt to hurt Clinton that he threatened to jail Hillary Clinton over his own misunderstandings of reality.

Instead, Trump’s attempts to bully Clinton allowed her to show that she can handle literally any situation with poise and control. Even when having her heart stabbed in public by a predator who once again tonight refused to be accountable for his own actions.

Donald Trump crystallized the image of himself as an abusive predator, and he did it on national TV.