Trump Plunges The GOP Into Chaos With Unhinged Rant Declaring War On His Party

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump unleashed a rant on Tuesday that praised Democrats and declared war on his own Republican Party.

Donald Trump went on a new Twitter bender and his venom was directed at his own party:

Let’s take on Trump’s points one by one in reverse order.

1). Every scientific poll conducted has found that voters who watched the debate think he lost. No. Trump did not win the debate.

2). Trump is apparently no running for president against Hillary Clinton. The Republican nominee is now running against Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Trump is still ranting about a conference call that happened yesterday, so welcome to your new normal, Republicans.

3). If what we saw before was the restrained version of Trump, the country is going to be in for a very rough final four weeks of the election, because Donald Trump is hell bent on burning everything he touches to the ground on his way out the door.

4). The Democratic nomination wasn’t stolen from Bernie Sanders. Sen. Sanders lost because he got blown out in the South and he couldn’t close the deal with Democratic base voters in the big delegate states. If Democratic voters are more loyal to their nominees, it’s because they have a party process in place that prevents reality television stars from winning their nomination.

Notice who was absent in Trump’s tweet rampage? Hillary Clinton’s name was nowhere to be found. It is almost as if Trump is not running for president any longer. His new goal is to get revenge on Republicans who he views as disloyal to him.

With just one more presidential debate to go, Donald Trump seems more interested in settling scores with Republicans than winning the election.