Trump Supporters Are Threatening To Overthrow The Government If Hillary Clinton Wins

With less than a month to go before election day, Donald Trump supporters are already threatening to overthrow the government if Hillary Clinton wins the election.


A woman named Rhonda stood up at the town hall and told Mike Pence that she is on social media all day, every day pushing Trump, but Rhonda has some issues, “One of the things that I can tell you that a lot of us are scared of is this voter fraud. There’s a lot of out here saying that when we vote, we’re going to wear red. Our lives depend on this election. Our kids’ futures depend on this election. For me personally, if Hillary Clinton gets in, I myself am ready for a revolution.”

Pence tried to talk the woman off of the revolution ledge, but judging from the applause in the crowd as she spoke, Rhonda is not alone among Trump supporters.

Democrats have heard this kind of talk before, but the difference in 2016 is that the Republican Party has a presidential nominee who is encouraging violence and revolution.

What Rhonda was advocating for with her talk of revolution was the overthrow of the United States government if Hillary Clinton wins the election. Democracy doesn’t work like that. Donald Trump is a byproduct of the Republican Party. The Trump supporter at Pence’s town hall is the DNA that the current GOP is made of.

Even if Donald Trump loses in a landslide, the Trump supporters are not going to go off quietly into the night. Trump is likely to tell them that the election was stolen. The odds are high that he will fan the flames of unrest among his supporters.

The revolution threat is not new. What’s different is that Donald Trump may be willing to help make the threat a reality.