Donald Trump Tells Supporters At Florida Rally That Election Day Is November 28th

At a rally in Panama City on Tuesday, Donald Trump urged his supporters to make sure they’re registered to vote by the Sunshine State’s registration deadline – tomorrow – and told them to go out and vote … on Nov. 28.

Yes, the Republican nominee even needs to be fact checked when it comes to accurately telling his supporters when Election Day is.


“There’s never been anything like this, so go and register, make sure you get out and vote Nov. 28,” the Republican nominee said.

Trump’s misstatement came just after he was telling the crowd that the voter registration deadline in Florida was extended due to Hurricane Matthew.

What he didn’t mention is that Rick Scott – Florida’s Republican governor and chair of Trump’s super PAC – tried his best to prevent that extension. In fact, it took a lawsuit by Democrats and the decision of a federal court to ensure that voters were given extra time to register.

While voters in the Sunshine State were allowed more time to make sure they would be able to vote in the general election, the deadline to cast their actual ballots is pretty strict – Nov. 8.

But you heard your candidate, Trump supporters. Be sure to head to the polls on Nov. 28 and make your voice heard.

Two realities and two elections – sounds about right.