In Tweetstorm, Donald Trump Attacks Paul Ryan, Threatens That ‘Shackles Are Off’

Donald Trump isn’t about to blame himself. While Fox News is busily laying the ground work for the “Trump was stabbed in the back” narrative, Trump himself has taken to Twitter and issued several vicious tweets aimed at Paul Ryan, blaming the Speaker of the House for his recent setbacks.

Of course, Trump isn’t afraid to “pad his own stats” while he’s at it, claiming to have won both debates by a “landslide”:

His “Hard to do well” is an implicit admission by Trump that his campaign is not doing well. Trump is seldom as honest as this, even when the blame is falling on the wrong place. It just slips out sometimes.

He wasn’t about to stop there, not when there was Paul Ryan to bash rather than taking responsibly for his own vile actions:

Trump feels liberated by the experience of having been kinda/sorta abandoned by Ryan (who is still endorsing him) and says he can now do whatever he pleases (as if he hasn’t been already), in this tweet:

Trump has never helped himself with a tweet storm, and this one isn’t likely to go any better for him. He still has some supporters in the GOP, but throwing Paul Ryan under the bus isn’t likely to bring any of those who have already left, back to the fold.

Apparently, Trump, like the GOP he has repeatedly disparaged, thinks more of the same will somehow have a different effect. It won’t. Trump is burning his already toxic campaign to the ground, and being more vicious than he already is will only backfire.