Watch CNN’s Anderson Cooper Derail The Trump Train With Simple Facts And Basic Math

CNN’s Anderson Cooper wrecked a favorite Trump lie while leaving campaign manager Kellyanne Conway completely flustered.



Conway said, “Why is this woman at 46%? She,s like the magic 46. She’s at 46% in the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll….”


Cooper accurately pointed out, “She’s ahead of your candidate.”

Conway tried again, “Look, but Anderson, she’s running as the first female president, who has sitting President and first lady much more popular than she’ll ever be.”

Cooper calmly added the factual statement, “You’re candidate’s below 40%.”


Conway paused, looked confused and asked, “Is that a question?”

Cooper continued, “Well, you’re saying 46% is bad, but 37% is worse.”

Even Conway had to admit the realities of basic math, “Right. Yes. One needs not be a pollster to know that.”

Kellyanne Conway is a pollster, but yet she went on national television and argued that Hillary Clinton is a failed candidate because she is only beating Donald Trump by nine points.

Conway was arguing that people should vote for Donald Trump because Hillary Clinton isn’t winning by more.

Her argument was an insult to the ears of everyone watching, and Anderson Cooper stood up for sane people everywhere when he shot it down.