Clinton Campaign Responds To ‘Disgusting’ Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was quick to respond to fresh sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump on Wednesday – two incidents reported by the New York Times and another by the Palm Beach Post – in a statement released by Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri.

In the statement, Palmieri called Trump’s behavior toward women “disgusting” and “disturbing” and said the latest allegations only reaffirm what we already knew about the Republican nominee.

The full statement:

Not long ago, Clinton herself tweeted from her own twitter account in a post that didn’t explicitly acknowledge the latest allegations but was clearly an indirect response to them:

It’s clear that the Clinton campaign isn’t all that interested in getting too involved in this story. They are simply responding in a way most Americans would before letting the story play out on its own.

This is Donald Trump’s mess – one he created himself – and the Democratic nominee is doing what she should be doing: steering clear as Trump implodes.

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