Disaster Strikes as Trump Donors Want Their Money Back

Donald Trump has declared war on the Republican Party and now he will have to accept the consequences of that. NBC News reports that “Two big-money donors who have given or raised tens of thousands of dollars for Donald Trump are livid at the Republican presidential nominee and are asking for their money back.”

Donald Trump thinks, having won the nomination, he can say and do anything he wants without fear of consequence. He can’t.

Said one donor in an email,

“I cannot express my disappointment enough regarding the recent events surrounding Mr. Trump.” He added, “I regret coming to the Trump support event, and in particular allowing my son to be a part of it. I respectfully request that my money be refunded.”

Though Trump campaign spokesperson Jason Miller disavows any knowledge of such requests, NBC News released a copy of the email.

Another donor called himself “mortified”:

“I can not (sic) support a sexist man. I have three young children and will not support a crude sexist man. I expect a refund of my donation. Please process immediately and I thank you for your help.”

You reap what you sow in this world, and Donald Trump, who always claimed he didn’t need anybody else’s money to win, is now about to find out is he needs their money to win.

The reality is, Trump has long depended upon the largess of others to perpetuate his lifestyle and his “self-funded” campaign. He already cannot compete with Hillary Clinton, and things just got a whole lot worse.

It is about to get real for Donald Trump, if it has not already. According to NBC News,

“Aides at four of the five super PACs backing Trump have repeatedly told NBC News that fundraising for Trump is a struggle.”

Trump’s scorched earth tactics backfired on his own campaign with the release of his sexual assault tape and his subsequent response to it. From this point on, things aren’t going to be getting any easier for Trump.

The shackles may be off, as he brags, but so is his flow of cash.