Hillary Clinton Surges To A 9 Point Lead In Ohio As Buckeye State Abandons Trump

Ohio is moving strongly towards Hillary Clinton as a new poll shows the Democratic nominee leading Donald Trump.

A new Baldwin Wallace University Community Research Institute (CRI) poll of Ohio voters found:

Democrat Hillary Clinton opening a double-digit lead in a head to head match-up with Republican nominee Donald Trump, 48% to 37%, with 14% unsure. In a four-way race, Clinton still leads by 9% (43% to 34%) with the two third party candidates drawing 13% of the battleground state’s voters and another 10% remaining “unsure.” Clinton is winning Independents (36% to Trump’s 30%) and attracting one in ten Republican voters.


Deep dissatisfaction with both major party candidates is reflected in questions that asked about the main motivation behind voter choices. Some 47% of Clinton backers say their vote is less about support for her and more about stopping Trump from becoming president, and 63% of Trump voters characterize their choice as a vote against Clinton. Among survey respondents planning to vote third party, 75% saying they’re mostly motivated by “dislike” for both major party candidates.

The actual number of voters in Ohio who are voting for Trump is just 37%. The rest of those voting for Trump are voting against Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, 53% of Clinton voters are casting their vote because they support her candidacy.

Ohio was one of the two swing states, along with Iowa, that Trump was thought to have a real chance of winning. Hillary Clinton had opened up a small lead in the state before the release of the tape of Trump bragging about sexual assault and the second presidential debate. After the tape and another debate loss, Ohio voters have moved solidly into Clinton’s column.

The Clinton campaign is taking nothing for granted. They are upping their time, effort, and resources in Ohio. The door is open for Hillary Clinton to keep Ohio blue, but there are weeks worth o work to be done before that possibility becomes a reality.