Women Rise Up In Wisconsin And Power Hillary Clinton To A 7 Point Lead Over Trump

Hillary Clinton’s lead has grown to 7 points in Wisconsin as Trump’s support with women has fallen to 23% in the state.

According to the new Marquette University Law School poll:

Here is a view of the damage that the tape and the debate did to Trump in Wisconsin:

Trump dropped 9 points with men in 3 days:

Look what happened with female voters in Wisconsin before and after the tape release:

Hillary Clinton went from a nine-point advantage with female voters to a 23 point edge from Thursday through Sunday.

Any Republican who believes that Trump was devastated by the combination of the tape and his decision to dredge up Bill Clinton conspiracies from the 1990s is kidding themselves.

Trump lost support with men and women in Wisconsin, but his support with women is down to 23%. There may be no recovery for Trump in Wisconsin and states that Republicans had hopes of once winning are moving quickly towards Hillary Clinton.