Donald Trump Is Toast As 77% Of Americans Say He Isn’t A Role Model For Children

One statistic in the new Fox News poll highlights why Trump is toast. More than three-quarters of those polled think Trump is not a good role model for children.

The overall poll shows Clinton gaining five points on Trump in the past week:

However, the reason why Trump is doomed can be summed up in one result:


The American people are not going to elect a man as their next president who they don’t think is someone that children should look up to. Trump is trying to drag this election down to the lowest point the nation’s witnessed in presidential electoral politics in decades, maybe centuries, but the fundamental problem remains that voters have gone from not liking Trump to not trusting his influence on their children.

I hope and pray that the 20% of people who believe that Trump is a role model for children do not currently have children at home. Donald Trump is not a fit role model for any child.

The American people don’t trust Trump with their kids, so it is a near certainty that they aren’t going to trust him with the White House.