Trump Concedes Virginia To Hillary Clinton As His Campaign Is Completely Disintegrating

The impact of Trump’s plunge in the polls is hitting the ground as the Trump campaign has pulled out of Virginia and conceded the state to Hillary Clinton.

The Wall Street Journal reported:
Donald Trump’s campaign has decided to pull its field operation out of Virginia, all but conceding the state to Democrat Hillary Clinton, an adviser to Mr. Trump confirmed.

The move came Wednesday night as Mr. Trump faced a new avalanche of allegations from women who told several different publications that the Republican nominee had groped or touched them without consent.

Trump just held a rally in the state before the first presidential debate. Trump spent a lot of time in Virginia, so his decision to just give up looks like another amateur hour decision choice from a campaign that has no clue what it is doing.

Donald Trump is conceding a swing state to Hillary Clinton nearly four weeks before election day. Like all losing campaigns, the Trump camp is claiming that they are going to deploy the Virginia resources in other battleground states, but a look at the map reveals that there are few battleground states left to contest.

Trump is losing Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and virtually every other swing state on the map.

The Trump campaign is disintegrating before the eyes of voters across America. Outside of red baseball caps and tons of yard signs, Donald Trump’s campaign footprint is decreasing and slowly fading away.