At Least One Of The Men Arrested In Plot To Car Bomb US Mosque Is A Trump Supporter


Three domestic terrorists were arrested for plotting to blow up a mosque in Garden City, Kansas the day after the presidential election, and one of them is a confirmed supporter of Donald Trump.

KWCH in Wichita, KS reported:

Three men were arrested on Friday for threatening to attack an apartment complex and mosque in Garden City.


Acting U.S. Attorney Tom Beall says Curtis Allen, 49, Gavin Wright, 51, and Patrick Stein were all charged with domestic terrorism.

Beall said the three were planning to bomb an apartment complex and mosque in Garden City occupied by a Muslim community of about 120 Somali refugees.

Beall said the men planned to carry out the attack on Nov. 9, the day after Election Day.

He said the men stockpiled a large cache of firearms, and ammunition.

Beall said the men planned to park vehicles full of explosives at all four corners of the Garden City apartment complex. The men said they wanted to “wake people up”.

Curtis Allen, one of the men arrested in the plot, posted this on his Facebook page in May:

Allen is a confirmed Trump supporter, but likely not the only one involved in the plot. Donald Trump is doing more than saying words. He is fueling a type of violence and hatred that is music to the ears of potential domestic terrorists.

Trump’s defense for everything that he is accused of is that is just words. Whether it was bragging about sexual assault, calling Mexicans rapists, proposing a ban on Muslims, or encouraging and applauding the violent actions of his supporters, Trump has consistently dodged responsibility for his words.

Words have a great deal of power, especially when they come from a person who has been handed the national platform that comes with being a major party’s nominee for president.

Donald Trump has created a climate that is ripe for post-election violence. If innocent people are harmed because of Donald Trump’s words, the Republican Party will have blood on its hands.