Obama Draws Twice As Many People To Same NC Venue As Trump Crowd Size Plummets


A sign that the Trump campaign is dying a slow death on the ground can be seen in the fact that Donald Trump drew a crowd less than half of the size of Obama’s at the same venue three days after the President spoke.

The Nation reported, “The White Oak Amphitheatre, which President Obama packed to excess of its 7,700 person limit Tuesday night, leaving another 1,500 supporters stranded outside, wasn’t even half full on Friday.”

President Obama is a lame duck president who isn’t on the ballot, but he was able to crush the Republican nominee for the job that he currently holds in terms of drawing an audience.


For a campaign that has made such a huge deal out of the size of their crowds, the empty seats at Trump rallies are a devastating reminder that Donald Trump is a candidate whose momentum is heading in the wrong direction. The polling shows that Trump’s campaign may have been fatally damaged, but a poll is just a number. Real evidence can be seen with one’s own eyes as formerly capacity crowds are being replaced by more and more empty seats.

Empty seats at a nominee’s rallies are the campaign equivalent of the stench of death. Just as overflow crowds don’t equal votes on election day, empty seats are not a sure sign of defeat, but the inability to fill up a venue is a sign of a campaign that is lacking enthusiasm.

Donald Trump’s campaign is heading into its final stages of life. Trump has gone from reality TV star nominee to Clint Eastwood screaming at an empty chair.

The election isn’t over until a winner is declared, but it appears that Trump’s campaign for president is on pace to be canceled by the voters on November 8.