Fox News Humiliates Itself In Tim Kaine Interview By Ignoring Trump Sexual Assault

Fox News took their pretending that the sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump don’t exist to a new level by interviewing Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine on Fox News Sunday and not mentioning the allegations against Trump.

Video of Sen. Kaine on Fox News Sunday:

Fill in host Bret Baier did manage to talk about the vital issue of Kaine’s hometown newspaper not endorsing him:

BAIER: Two more things, quickly, Senator. One is, were you upset when your hometown paper in Richmond did not endorse your ticket? In fact, endorsed Gary Johnson, saying — going as far as to say that Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton were acceptable to endorse.

KAINE: Bret, actually, it’s interesting. I was kind of pleasantly surprised when my hometown paper made that endorsement because my hometown paper — and it’s a great paper. I love the guys. But they’ve never endorsed me in any contested race I’ve ever been in ever in 22 years in elected office. Not for my first city council race, not for lieutenant governor, not for governor, not for senator.

But what they do is they endorse Republicans. This is the first time that they have chosen not to endorse the Republican ticket for president in my memory, certainly in all the years I’ve lived in Richmond. So, the fact they could not see clear to endorse the Republican ticket in Richmond, that was the news.

Fox News only mentioned one poll during the interview, and it was one that showed Trump losing by a smaller margin. The level of self-delusion that Fox News has wrapped itself in is astounding. The network is repeating their 2012 behavior of creating the illusion that Democrats are going to lose by focusing all of their attention on Wikileaks and Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Baier’s interview of Kaine was not journalism. It was political messaging disguised as news. In the entire hour of Fox News Sunday, the words sexual assault were never used.

This is why outside of the 2 million-3 million people who watch the network, and the Republican Party, Fox News is outlier bubble that is a joke to most Americans.