Jake Tapper Lays Waste To A Trump Surrogate Trying To Dismiss Sexual Assault Allegations

CNN’s Jake Tapper laid to waste a Trump surrogate’s inaccurate attempt to dismiss the allegations of sexual assault against the Republican nominee with one factual correction.



Transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:
TAPPER: Donald Trump saying at least one of the women coming out against him isn’t attractive enough for him to have groped on an airplane. Nine women have now accused the Republican nominee of unwanted touching or kissing since a leaked tape revealed him talking about grabbing women. Are more to come? Does it matter to voters?

Joining me now Paul Begala, CNN commentator and senior adviser to Hillary Clinton, pro-Clinton super PAC. Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers of North Carolina. Alice Stewart, CNN political commentator and former communications director for Senator Ted Cruz. And Bakari Sellers, CNN political commentator and Hillary Clinton supporter.

Let me start with you, congresswoman. I guess the point of saying that these women are not telling the truth and these charges are false is one thing. Saying, look at her. There’s no way I would ever grope someone that looked like that. I mean I’m guessing that that’s not what you would recommend to him.

REP. RENEE ELLMERS (R), NORTH CAROLINA: No, absolutely not. And, you know, first I’ll just say tissue of groping when we’re talking about this issue, this is sexual assault. So we’re accusing a man of sexual assault here. And I’m not going to debate who is telling the truth but it is a she said/he said situation. What I will say is —

TAPPER: Just to correct you. She said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said situation.

It most definitely not a she said/he said situation. It is dozens of women all telling similar stories about how the Republican nominee for president sexually assaulted them, and one man calling them all liars. Many of the accusations against Trump have been confirmed by witnesses.

Donald Trump has yet to produce a single credible witness to prove his claim that all of his accusers are lying.

Jake Tapper wouldn’t let a false and inaccurate characterization slide. Trump is attempting to blame the media for “rigging the election,” when the truth is that members of the press are doing their jobs and reporting Trump’s history of behavior.

The facts matter and Jake Tapper made sure that Rep. Ellmers did not get away with distorting the facts.