With No Proof Trump Calls Clinton Supporters Animals And Blames Them For NC GOP Firebombing

Donald Trump reacted to the news that someone firebombed a local North Carolina Republican headquarters by immediately blaming Hillary Clinton and her supporters, which he called animals, for the attack.

Trump tweeted:

No, that’s not it. That’s not it at all.

Here is what Hillary Clinton tweeted:

There is no evidence that Hillary Clinton supporters were behind the attack on the Orange County, North Carolina Republican offices. Secondly, Trump is losing in North Carolina, and he is probably getting trounced in Orange County, where Democrats and Independents outnumber Republicans 5-1 in the county.

Trump is going off and making crazy accusations and predictions that reveal the temperament of a man who isn’t fit to run the local neighborhood watch, much less occupy the Oval Office.

What happened in Orange County, North Carolina was wrong. There is no place in America for violence in our electoral process. The people who carried out this act will hopefully be caught and prosecuted.

Donald Trump is the candidate who has poisoned this election with division and violence. For him to blame Clinton supporters is laughably absurd. As usual, Donald Trump doesn’t see people. He sees opportunities to exploit for his own gain.

Trump is demonstrating the behavior of a man who hasn’t been unshackled. Donald Trump is completely unglued.