Trump Tries To Instigate Violence On Election Day By Calling Polling Places Rigged

Donald Trump is threatening the safety of US voters, and attempting to instigate violence and conflict on election day by claiming that polling places are rigged for Hillary Clinton.

On Sunday afternoon Trump tweeted:

Trump has already claimed that African-Americans are trying to steal the election, and urged his supporters to go to polling places outside of their own to “watch.” The Republican nominee has also encouraged his supporters to sign up to work the polls, in what appears to be a separate attempt to intimidate Clinton voters.

Beyond delegitimizing the democratic process, Trump is advancing another goal. He is creating the perfect climate for conflict and violence at polling places on election day.

Trump is injecting doubt and hostility into an American institution that could easily manifest itself in violent behavior on November 8.

There is a candidate in this race that is trying to fix this election, but it is not Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is demonstrating that there is no low that he won’t stoop to in his relentless effort to bully his way into the White House.

Trump is playing with fire, and hopefully, it isn’t innocent Americans who will be trying to exercise their right to vote who will get burned on election day.