Hillary Clinton Goes For The Win With Massive Effort In Arizona, Indiana, and Missouri

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager announced to reporters on Monday morning that the Clinton campaign will be spending millions of dollars on efforts to help Clinton and Democrats win in the red states of Arizona, Indiana, and Missouri.

Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook said that the Democratic nominee would be spending $2 million in Arizona to help Democratic gubernatorial, Senate, and House candidates win. Mook also announced that Clinton would’ be spending $500,000 Missouri, and another $500,000 in Indiana on efforts to get out the Democratic vote for Clinton, Senate, House, and gubernatorial candidates in each state.

Former Sec. of State Clinton is expanding the map, and putting pressure on financially strained Republicans to defend their red state territory. It is obvious from the spending breakdown that Clinton views Arizona as the most likely Democratic pickup of the three states.

Mook stated that if Clinton wins Arizona, Trump’s path to the White House is closed, and the election is over.

While Trump is fighting with Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton is organizing a Democratic expansion into red states. The Republican Party and Trump are cash-strapped, so it is smart for the Clinton campaign to turn up the pressure in these states.

The Clinton campaign has already expanded their red state get out the Democratic vote effort with an additional six figure amount spent in Georgia. The Clinton campaign has at least $100 million more than Trump to spend on the rest of the campaign, and they are using some of their cash advantages to help Democrats win down ballot in red states.

The worst case scenario is unfolding for Republicans, as the White House may be out of reach, and Hillary Clinton is turning her attention to bringing as many Democrats to Congress with her that she can.

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