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Historic Margin Among Women Voters Gives Clinton Massive Lead In New National Poll

Much to the chagrin of Donald Trump and company, women will actually vote in the upcoming general election. According to a new CBS poll released on Monday, that doesn’t bode well for the Republican nominee.

In a two-way race between Hillary Clinton and Trump, the Democratic nominee leads by a whopping 11 points, 51 – 40 percent. In head-to-head contests, this is the four straight poll showing Clinton breaking the critical 50 percent threshold.

The CBS survey also shows Clinton maintaining a nine-point edge – 47 to 38 – in a race that includes third-party candidates Gary “Aleppo” Johnson and Jill Stein.

The reason behind Clinton’s surge is simple: women.

Clinton’s 19-point lead among female voters, according to CBS, “would be the largest margin for a Democrat among women going back to 1972 when exit polls were first conducted.”

Of course, Trump’s plummeting numbers among women are no surprise given the fact that he was recently caught on tape literally bragging about how he can sexually assault women because of his celebrity status.

But Trump is also losing ground among voters with whom Republican candidates generally perform well.

Among white women – a group former GOP nominee Mitt Romney won by 14 points – the race is essentially even between Clinton and Trump.

Even men are starting to walk away from Trump. After winning this group by 11 points earlier in the month, Trump now just has a two-point edge over Clinton.

The overall trend for the Republican nominee isn’t just bad; it’s catastrophic.

With just three weeks until Election Day, Donald Trump is sinking fast. Not because of a rigged process or a media conspiring against him, but because the Republican nominee has repeatedly proven himself too unstable and unfit to be president.

There is still time left, but it looks like voters are about to toss Trump into the ash heap of history where he belongs.

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