A Befuddled Donald Trump Claims Hillary Clinton Has a ‘Highly Overrated Intellect’

Donald Trump, who has seemed visibly lost in each of the first two presidential debates, who gave up all hopes of destroying his opponent by wits alone and resorted to physical intimidation instead, claimed to Michael Savage that Hillary Clinton has a “highly overrated intellect’ and that he understands the subject matter while she does not.

Yes. The man who does not have a coherent policy position on any subject you care to name, says he better understands the subject better than the most qualified presidential candidate in over 200 years of American history.

Savage told Trump “they’re” all against him, that he needs to expect even Fox News’ Chris Wallace to turn on him as well. You know, the Wallace who said it’s not the job of a moderator to fact check a candidate. There literally could not be a better choice of moderator from serial liar Donald Trump’s point of view.

Trump answered (relevant portion begins at 9:00 mark),

“Well, we’re gonna find out what’s gonna happen. I mean, in the first debate, I think we did very well. We had a very faulty microphone, as you know, and they even officially announced it. Which was absolutely outrageous. There’s a whole thing going on there too but I think we’re gonna do very well in the debate. I understand the subject matter very well. I don’t think she does. I think she frankly is a highly overrated intellect. She is – she does not understand the subject.”

This is what Trump, who came unprepared to their first meeting, thinks of a woman who was so prepared for their debate that she was accused of being over-prepared, of all things.

Trump went on to list Clinton’s many imagined failures and said that he looked forward to the debate, that “And I’m representing a lot of people.” An interesting thing to say, given Clinton’s higher ratings and therefore, correspondingly greater number of people being represented by his opponent.

Trump says Clinton’s intellect is overrated. He says she does not understand the subject. Yet he cannot even form a coherent sentence.

What we get from Trump’s attempt to talk up his own intellect is a Palinesque word-salad that confounds even experts, who have yet to figure out either his foreign or his domestic policies.

This is Donald Trump exposed – all braggadocio and no substance or awareness of facts, the same Donald Trump who, in the same interview, said African-Americans prefer him to Hillary Clinton. But then, Donald Trump also says nobody respects women more than he does.