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Fox News Poll Shows That White Men Support Hillary Clinton – If They’re Educated

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:22 pm

There has been a lot of talk about Donald Trump’s huge advantage over Hillary Clinton when it comes to white men, but the latest Fox News poll shows that white men with a college education actually prefer the Democratic nominee.

According to the poll, Clinton leads Trump among white males with a college degree by six points – the same as her overall margin over Trump – while the Republican nominee has a near-40 point lead among white men without any college education.

Trump’s massive lead among uneducated white men is the only reason he still leads Clinton among men overall by just seven points.

The media will likely to continue to frame this as a question of gender, but it seems clear that the level of education voters have is a huge, perhaps even larger, factor. Voters with lower levels of education support Trump, while those with college degrees support Clinton.

Among women, the contest isn’t even close as the Democratic nominee has a 17-point advantage – no surprise there.

Still, the latest Fox News poll shows that education may actually be playing a bigger role in this election than gender, and white men actually do prefer Clinton over the unfit Republican nominee – if they’re educated, that is.

Sean Colarossi

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