Jaws Drop After Shocking Poll Shows Texas Is Now A Tossup State For Hillary Clinton

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:22 pm

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A SurveyMonkey/Washington Post poll of 15 battleground states has some stunning news for Republicans. Hillary Clinton is within 2 points of Donald Trump as Texas has become a tossup.

The SurveyMonkey/Washington Post tracking poll of 15 battleground states contains bad news for Republicans:


Republicans are not only losing Georgia, but they are also in danger of losing deep red Texas. If Republicans lose Texas, it will represent a total Trump led collapse for the GOP. This is the second poll in four days to reveal that Hillary Clinton is within striking distance of turning Texas blue.

The overall pattern of the map is clear. The Clinton campaign believes that if they win Arizona, which has also been moved to toss up status, Trump has no path to win the election. If Clinton wins in Georgia, where her campaign has already made additional investments, Trump can’t win the election. If Hillary Clinton wins Texas, it will signal a blowout the likes of which the country has witnessed in more than three decades.

The stakes for Republicans in the third presidential debate are no longer about winning the White House. Republicans are reduced to hoping that Trump can do well enough to hold off a Democratic landslide.

Hillary Clinton has a chance to pull off a stunning win in Texas, but even if she loses by single digits, it will send a clear message to Republicans that unless they change, their days as a competitive national party will be numbered.

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