Trump Campaign Manager Accidentally Calls Barack Obama A ‘Very Popular President’

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday, Kellyanne Conway appeared to have a moment of clarity when she called Barack Obama “a very popular president.”

The response came when Cooper asked the Trump campaign manager why her candidate is losing so badly to Hillary Clinton with just three weeks until Election Day.


Conway said: “Oh my goodness, [Hillary Clinton] has so many advantages. She has endless money, she’s got a lot of the media, she has a very popular president and First Lady out there campaigning for her…”

Conway’s comment came during the very same interview in which she repeated the same argument that Trump is a better candidate because he represents the change that American voters so desperately want.

So which is it? Is Obama “very popular” or are the American people hungry to change course?

A quick look at President Obama’s rising approval ratings has the answer: The American people are pretty satisfied with the job the current president has done. According to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Obama’s approval rating is about 52 percent as of today.

So while Donald Trump continues to stumble around the country calling Clinton “a third Obama term,” as if it’s an insult, he should remember that voters, and now his own campaign manager, acknowledge how popular the outgoing president is.