Chris Wallace Is Warping The Presidential Debate With Fox News Lies

Chris Wallace began a question about the economy with a flat out lie. Wallace claimed that the Obama stimulus has led to the slowest growth since 1949, which is not even close to true.

Wallace’s claim was based on a report by the Congressional Research Service, but the report does not tell the whole story.

As CNN reported, thanks to President Obama, the country is in the middle of the fourth longest prolonged economic expansion in US history:

Plenty of experts say “hold on.” This recovery may be slow, but it’s also lasted a long time — far longer than usual — and job growth has been good.

“We are in the fourth longest expansion in U.S. history,” notes Achuthan.

Since World War II, the American economy has typically grown for about five years and then had a contraction. This expansion is already over seven years old.

Furthermore, the average pace of job growth in this recovery has already topped what happened during the 2001 to 2007 expansion under President George W. Bush (the Bush recovery was the slowest regarding jobs growth, Achuthan says).

Wallace’s slipping in of Fox News reality has been a problem all through the debate. Wallace referred to the Wikileaks emails and edited a quote from Hillary Clinton that he read aloud. Wallace also worked in the Republican talking point about The Clinton Foundation being play for pay.

Chris Wallace considers himself from Fox’s news division, but he is treating the American people to a dose of Fox News’s fact free unreality.

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