Clinton Destroys NRA Myths About Her, Shines A Light On Gun Violence In Third Debate

In the third presidential debate against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton took the opportunity to shine a light on gun violence and shatter the myths perpetuated by NRA-owned Republicans.

While Clinton reaffirmed her support for individuals’ right to bear arms, she also expressed her common sense position on guns: America should do everything is can to prevent unnecessary gun deaths by enacting sensible firearm legislation.


Clinton expressed “regret” that Trump is owned by the NRA, and said that there should be “reasonable regulation” when it comes to guns.

Clinton talked about her support for universal background checks and closing the internet loophole – measures that up to 90 percent of Americans support – while Trump simply relied on his usual and debunked argument that the Second Amendment will be dismantled under Clinton.

Once again, Hillary Clinton showed that she is in step with the vast majority of Americans while Donald Trump desperately clung to NRA talking points.