The Rats Flee The Sinking Ship As Trump’s Own Campaign Manager Throws Him Under The Bus

In a sign that the those working for the Trump campaign are looking out for their own futures, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway threw Trump under the bus by rejected his rigged election argument.


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During an interview on MSNBC, Conway said:


A sure sign that a campaign is heading for defeat is when high-level staff break with the candidate and begin to go into business for themselves. The Trump campaign is in such terrible shape that those working for Trump aren’t even giving him the final presidential debate before they begin to plan for their own post-election futures.

While Donald Trump is claiming that the election is going to be rigged and stolen from him at all of his rallies, his own campaign is saying that she doesn’t think there is going to be widespread voter fraud. For good measure, Conway added that voter fraud doesn’t happen very often.

Donald Trump appears to be planning to launch his own media company after the election, and judging from Conway’s television appearances; she is angling for a network or cable news deal after the election.

The rats are fleeing the sinking ship. When the campaign manager disagrees with her candidate on television on debate day, it is a sign of a campaign that is in disarray.

Donald Trump hasn’t even stepped out on stage yet for the final presidential debate, but his campaign manager looks like she is already moving on.

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