The Trump Campaign Is Crumbling As Clinton Now Has A Significant Lead In Arizona

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump prepare to meet in the final presidential debate on Wednesday night, the race is slipping away from the Republican nominee in a way that not many people expect just weeks ago.

A new poll out of Arizona underscores just how bad things are going for Trump with less than three weeks until Election Day.

According to a new survey released today by the Arizona Republic, Clinton leads Trump by five points in the Grand Canyon State – her biggest margin yet as the race enters the homestretch.

For the first time in this election cycle, Clinton doesn’t just have a lead in a single poll of Arizona – she now leads Trump in the average of all recent polling of the state, according to RealClearPolitics. FiveThirtyEight pegs Clinton’s chances of winning the state close to 60 percent.

The survey falls in line with other recent state polling that shows Clinton running close to Trump in states that Democrats would have never dreamed of being able to compete in – Georgia, Texas, and Utah are just  a few.

If Clinton’s national lead expands further and Trump continues to crumble as more voters start taking this election seriously, the map will likely open up the possibility of Clinton not just winning swing states, but also carrying states no Republican nominee should lose.

Donald Trump doesn’t just need to win Wednesday night’s debate by a lot – he needs a miracle. With Clinton likely to show up and put in a solid performance – all while allowing Trump to roll around in his own filth for 90 minutes – it’s unlikely he’s going to get it.

The electoral process isn’t rigged. Donald Trump is just unfit to be president, and voters are starting to recognize that.