Trump’s Final Debate Guest List Is A Collection Of People In A Breitbart Comment Section

With less than two hours until Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet in what will be the last presidential debate of the campaign, we are still learning more about the Republican nominee’s guest list.

Aside from Obama’s half brother, who Trump has decided to bring with him to the debate, his guests are sure to make the alt-right blush.

Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith who died in Benghazi, is among those Trump has invited to the debate. Despite independent report after independent report clearing Clinton of any scandalous activity with relation to the 2012 attack, Smith “personally” blames the Democratic nominee for the loss of her son.

This is an appealing argument for those who chant “lock her up” at campaign rallies, but most Americans want to move past the politicization of a terror attack.

It’s also reported that Sarah Palin is on the list of Trump guests. While the right-wing fringe of American politics applauds her presence at the debate, the rest of America is simply shrugging and laughing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a presidential debate with Donald Trump if at least one Bill Clinton accuser wasn’t there. Leslie Millwee, who this week accused the former president of sexual assault, will also be in attendance. There’s only one problem: Bill Clinton isn’t on the ballot, and Americans don’t blame Hillary Clinton for her husband’s well-documented private life.

It’s also fitting that, as Trump’s campaign has officially jumped the shark, former ‘Happy Days’ star Scott Baio will cheering on the Republican nominee from the crowd. Baio previously delivered a forgetful speech at the RNC in Cleveland this summer.

There is one person in the audience supporting Trump on Wednesday night that

Ultimately, the cast of characters accompanying Donald Trump to the third and final presidential debate is an attempt to rile up the most extremist, right-wing voters in the electorate. He’s doing his best to appeal to voters who live in an alternate reality.

It does nothing to expand his appeal to those who live outside of a Breitbart comment section, and he cannot win an election with just those voters.