Trump Is Toast As Majority Of Voters Believe He Committed Sexual Assaults

The majority of voters surveyed in a new Quinnipiac University poll believe that Donald Trump sexually assaulted multiple women and that the Republican nominee for president has no sense of decency.

The Quinnipiac University poll shows Clinton leading Trump by 7 points nationally, but it got much worse for Republicans on the issues of Trump’s behavior towards women and his character:

American likely voters believe 51 – 31 percent that Trump assaulted several women. Democrats believe it 84 – 5 percent and independent voters believe it 45 – 34 percent. Republicans don’t believe it 56 – 22 percent.


Trump does not have a sense of decency, American likely voters say 59 – 36 percent and he is not fit to be president, voters say 58 – 38 percent.

Clinton does have a sense of decency, voters say 55 – 42 percent, but they are divided on whether she is fit to be president, as 47 percent say yes and 49 percent say no.

Quinnipiac has been one of the more Trump friendly polls during the 2016 campaign which suggests that these numbers could be even worse on election day.

Republicans are willing to convince themselves that dozens of allegations of sexual assault didn’t happen because Trump is their nominee. While the seven-point lead for Hillary Clinton may seem small, but the fact that only 36% of voters think Trump has a sense of decency combined and 31% of voters think that the sexual assaults provide a range of Trump’s potential support in the popular vote on election day.

Trump is likely to finish with 31%-38% of the popular vote in 2016. The high end of Trump’s range is smaller than what Barry Goldwater received (38.7%) in his blowout defeat to LBJ in 1964. The lowest popular vote percentage in the modern era was set by George H.W. Bush in a three-way contest, where Bush got 37.5% of the vote in 1992. Bill Clinton won with 43% of the vote, and Independent Ross Perot got 18.9% of the vote.

In other words, Trump will be lucky if he doesn’t lose in a historic landslide. The election turned on the first presidential debate, but the sexual assault allegations have turned what could have been a potential win for Hillary Clinton into a historic blowout defeat for Republicans