A Clean Sweep For Hillary Clinton As Voters Deem Trump The Loser Of Final Debate

The post-debate scientific polls are being released, and the early results show a clean sweep for Hillary Clinton as voters say she won the third presidential debate.

The CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers found a Clinton victory over Trump by a margin of 52%-39%. The support for Trump is right in line with the upper range of his polling, which suggests that he did nothing to help his chances with voters on election day.

Hillary Clinton has broken 50% in each of the three CNN post-debate polls. There was never much doubt over who won the third debate. Trump meandered even more aimlessly than in the first two debates, and the result was an incoherent performance that punctuated by Trump calling his opponent a nasty woman and refusing to say that he would accept the results of the presidential election.

Clinton won all three debates by decisive margins, and it wasn’t close. There is a picture being formed of the 2016 election. The debates, the polls, and the early voting statistics are all leaning in the same direction. Hillary Clinton could be heading for a historically big win.

The voters haven’t had their final word, but it is clear which direction they are heading in after the third debate.