Trump Claims Victory Via Online Polls – But Breitbart Poll Says He Lost

Hillary Clinton won the third presidential debate last night hands down. We know this thanks to post-debate scientific polls. Donald Trump can’t crow about those, because of the whole losing thing. So he is back to throwing meaningless online polls at his followers. His Twitter feed is garish enough to resemble Las Vegas. All it lacks is the neon.

He first claimed victory on the basis of a Washington Times online poll. Washington Times is a conservative news site. Liberals and progressives are unlikely to even be visiting it, let alone voting there. It’s a given Trump will win such polls:

This tweet went out in the wee hours of the morning:

So what might explain the one poll you might notice is missing? Breitbart. Do you know why it’s missing? Why Trump isn’t crowing about Breitbart’s poll? Because the Breitbart poll says Hillary Clinton won the debate:


That was at 11 pm last night. As of the time of this writing, 100,000 votes later, Hillary is still ahead in the Breitbart online poll 50 percent to 44 percent with 190,000 votes in.


As CNN’s Brian Stelter quipped,

Not only did Donald Trump go “full jerk mode” last night, as Kurt Eichenwald called it, but he was caught out in lie after lie last night, denying things we have tape of him saying. It is no wonder he would lie about winning a debate he clearly lost. Trump can’t admit he lost anything. But it must sting a little when the online poll at his favorite news site says he lost.

Image: Screen capture MSNBC