Michelle Obama Hammers Trump For Humiliating And Treating Women Like Objects


While speaking for Hillary Clinton in Phoenix, AZ, First Lady Michelle Obama hammered Donald Trump for humiliating women and treating them like objects.



The First Lady said:

Maybe that’s why he sees veterans enduring the wounds of war as weak. Why he insults Gold Star families, folks who’ve spent months praying not to get that knock at the door. Heroes who love this country so much, they’re willing to die for it. He just can’t see them.

Maybe it’s easy for him to mock people with disabilities because he’s unable to see their strength and their contributions. Maybe that’s why he demeans and humiliates women as if we’re objects meant solely for pleasure and entertainment, rather than human beings worthy of love and respect. He just doesn’t understand us.

Mrs. Obama continues to reveal herself to be a powerful advocate for America’s decent and moral core. The argument that she made is more than political. First Lady Obama is arguing that the Republican nominee will be incapable of leading people that he can’t see as equal human beings.

The central question of the 2016 presidential election is centered around our collective moral conscience as a nation. Donald Trump has forced America to look itself in the mirror and ask who we are and who we want to become.

First Lady Obama is showing the country the brighter moral path, as she urges the American people to reject the dark portrait directly from the nation’s yesteryear that is being painted by Donald Trump.