Republicans Are Suicidal Because Trump’s Disastrous Debate May Cost Them Congress

Republicans are admitting that they had already given up on Trump winning the White House, but his third debate performance was so awful that they are worried about keeping control of the House and Senate.

Politico reported:

In interviews with over a dozen senior Republican strategists, not one said Trump did anything to change the trajectory of a contest that is growing further out of reach. And many said they were deeply distressed by Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the Nov. 8 election, an eyebrow-raising moment already dominating headlines.


“The biggest loser tonight was not Trump, the presidential race is over,” said Robert Blizzard, a GOP pollster who is working on a number of congressional races. “Instead, down-ticket Republicans lost tonight — they needed some help and got absolutely none.”

Only a fool would believe that Trump is capable of caring about what happens to the rest of the Republican Party. Donald Trump doesn’t care about the GOP. He doesn’t care if every other Republican loses on election day. All Trump cares about is himself. Republicans keep waiting for responsible Trump to show up without ever realizing that there is no part of Donald Trump that is responsible.

Republicans are facing a double whammy. Because of Trump, efforts to keep the Senate and the House are underfunded, and they are facing a potential wave of Democratic voters heading to the polls to cast their ballots.

The Republican Party is still likely to keep control of the House, but as one GOP Congressman told CNN’s Jake Tapper:

The reality is that one or both of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan will likely be out of power, because of Donald Trump. Republicans will be finally reaping what they have sown for eight long years.