Trump Claims Fox News’s Chris Wallace Rigged The Debate For Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is claiming that the third presidential debate was fixed as he believes that Fox News’s Chris Wallace gave Hillary Clinton the questions in advance.

Trump did his usual batch of tweets of bogus online polls showing that he won the third debate, but then he tweeted something insane:

Trump doesn’t seem to be talking about the disproven allegation that Hillary Clinton was given a Democratic primary debate question in advance, but if he was, it could be that he was trying to suggest that Clinton cheated again and was given the questions for the third presidential debate in advance by debate moderator Chris Wallace.

The Republican nominee was clearly unhappy with Wallace because after the debate; he didn’t shake the moderator’s hand. Hillary Clinton displayed the basic courtesy of thanking Wallace after the debate, while Trump stood in his corner fuming.

The Clinton/Wallace handshake is likely the reason for Trump’s belief that the debate was fixed.

The debate wasn’t rigged. Hillary Clinton wasn’t given questions in advance. Clinton is a better debater than Trump. Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump.

Every Trump loss is not a conspiracy against him.

Wallace was the most lenient debate moderator towards Trump of the 2016 campaign. He tossed the Republican nominee several softballs that he bobbled.

It is apparent that in his own mind, Donald Trump never loses. He gets cheated, which is why the debates are rigged, the election is rigged, and everyone is out to get him.

Someday America will look back on the 2016 election and realize how big of a bullet they dodged when they rejected Donald Trump.

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