Trump Freaks Out And Runs From Interview When Asked About His Racism And Sexism


Donald Trump gave new meaning to the phrase cut and run as he abruptly cut off an interview with a local Ohio television station and ran away when he was asked about his racism and sexism.



Transcript via WCMH-TV in Columbus, OH:

COLLEEN: “19 days out from the election, you’ve been labeled a racist, you’ve been called a sexist, how…”

DONALD: “Thank you very much.”

COLLEEN: “How do you respond to that?”

TRUMP: “I am the least racist person you’ve ever met.”

Trump has sold himself to Republicans as a tough guy strong man who will make America great, but when local television reporter Colleen Marshall asked Trump about allegations that he is a sexist and racist, the Republican nominee abruptly ended the interview and ran away.

America doesn’t need a president who when the going gets tough will run away.

It is plain to see why Trump is no longer doing national television interviews with anyone outside of Fox News. Trump can’t answer the questions about his sexist behavior and the sexual assault allegations that have been made against him.

Even as he ran away in Ohio, Trump said he wasn’t a racist, but didn’t utter a peep about his sexism.

The Trump train has derailed and burst into flames and will continue burning until voters extinguish the fire with ballots on November 8.