Donald Trump Just Admitted That He Is Losing The Election To Hillary Clinton

It was a rare moment of reality for Donald Trump on Friday. As the Republican nominee campaigned in North Carolina, he admitted that he would be happy with himself if he loses the election because he tried hard.

While campaigning in North Carolina, Trump said:

I’m working harder too, folks. I am working harder. I’ve got three stops today. We’ve got three of these today. We’ve got three. You know, I’ve got three on occasion I have four. I think I have one rest day where I have two. But these are massive rallies, and we’re going to do this for another nineteen days right up until the actual vote of November eighth, and then I don’t know what kind of shape I’m in, but I’ll be happy either way. But at least I will have known win, lose, or draw, and I’m almost sure that if the people come out, we’re going to win.

But I will be happy with myself because I always say I don’t want to think back if only I had did one more rally I would have won North Carolina by 500 votes instead of losing it by 200 votes. Right?

Trump’s rhetoric was a far cry from his statements about winning often and winning big. The GOP nominee seems to be admitting that he is losing. Donald Trump’s ego is far too big for him to admit that he is flat out losing the election, but his language is shifting.

The talk about contested elections and rigged contests might be giving way to the slow realization that he is not going to be president of the United States. Trump is at constant war with reality so more conspiracies should be expected, but if only for a moment, Trump seemed to understand that he is losing to Hillary Clinton.