Hillary Clinton’s New Must See Ad Starring Khizr Khan Will Move You To Tears

The Hillary Clinton campaign released an ad starring Khizr Khan is powerful, heartbreaking, and moving on a deeply emotional level. It is easily the best ad of the 2016 presidential election, and a must see for all voters.


The campaign ad tells the story of how Captain Humayun Khan, who was a Muslim-American, saved his entire unit in Iraq by sacrificing his own life to stop a suicide bomber.

The ad ends with Kazir Khan asking a simple and heartbreaking question, “I want to ask Mr. Trump, would my son have a place in your America?”

This advertisement goes beyond political messaging and voter outreach. It strikes people on an emotional level. It is a father showing America the face of the people that Donald Trump has chosen to demonize. Kazir Khan has made an effective moral argument against Trump’s bigotry towards Muslim-Americans since the Democratic convention, but this ad, which is running in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania tells voters what the election is really about.

Republicans wanted Hillary Clinton to be the central question in this election, but thanks to Trump’s comments and behavior, a deeper conversation has taken central stage.

The question of who we are and what we value as Americans is the underlying theme of this contest.

The Kazir Khan ad directly answers that question, which is why it is the best ad of the 2016 presidential election.