With One Answer Eric Trump May Have Cost Republicans The Senate

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:24 pm

The Trump family is digging the hole deeper for the Republican Party, as Eric Trump crumbled to bits when asked for actual evidence that the women who are accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault are lying.


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Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let me finish on this first, though. Your father has said he’s going to sue.

If he’s president, does he really want to be involved in a legal suit like this?

E. TRUMP: I don’t know. You know, you — my father is a guy who — who will fight and he will fight for this country and he’s always fought for himself. And quite frankly, throughout this whole process, he’s needed to fight for himself.

And he believes in a right and a wrong. And — and when he feels that there’s injustice, I think you should stand up to ourselves. And quite frankly, we wouldn’t have the problems that we have in this nation right now if somebody did a better job — if our politicians did a better job standing up for our country.

And he stands up for himself. He’s a fighter. That’s who my father is. And he — and quite frankly, he’s a great fighter. And, you know, he believes in calling out right and wrong.


STEPHANOPOULOS: But do you have any evidence…


STEPHANOPOULOS: — the candidates are behind this?

TRUMP: — it’s unlike — well, listen, you see that — you see the hidden videos. That’s pretty bad stuff. When they’re talking about going out, paying…

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, I was talking about these other allegations.

TRUMP: — paying people to commit voter fraud, paying people to go incite fights at — at rallies which get people hurt, I — I think you see their true colors.

Eric Trump doesn’t have any proof, which is why he immediately changed the topic to James O’Keefe’s latest bogus video. Eric Trump knows it’s all a conspiracy against his dad. He can’t prove it, but he knows it’s true.

The Trump family continues to revive the sexual assault allegations story by constantly talking about it. The allegations have Trump trapped in an endless cycle of petty vindictiveness. What is telling is that it isn’t Donald Trump alone who is fueling the campaign’s destruction. The thin-skinned paranoia appears to run in the family.

Every time a member of the Trump family attacks, or tries to discredit the sexual assault accusers, Republicans up and down the ballot lose votes.

With a little more than two weeks to go before election day, the Trump family keeps finding new ways to destroy the Republican Party.

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