The Chief Strategist For Hillary Clinton Calls Out The Wikileaks Emails For Being Fake

The chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s campaign is calling out the Russian hacked Wikileaks emails for containing false information.


Transcript from ABC’s This Week:

BENENSON: Well, first of all, I’ll tell you something, I haven’t spent a lot of time reading through WikiLeaks e-mails.

But I will tell you this, what we know is that many are not authentic. We know that this is a hack, 17 of Russians — no, because these e-mails, we have no idea whether they are authentic or not or whether they’ve been tampered with once the Russians, which 17 American intelligence agencies say are responsible for these hackings, have been manipulated. I have seen things — I’m not going to go into details —


STEPHANOPOULOS: But you’re not suggesting that those are —

BENENSON: They may well be. I don’t know. I know I’ve seen things that aren’t authentic, that we know aren’t authentic. And it’s not surprising. What’s ridiculous about this whole conversation is that 17 intelligence agencies have said the Russians are responsible for this. Donald Trump refuses to accept it, refuses to condemn them.

They are meddling in an American election for the first time in history, as far as we know, and we have a Republican nominee for president who refuses to acknowledge what the American intelligence agencies have confirmed or condemn the bad actors here, who happen to be the Russians.

It isn’t difficult to put the pieces together. Russia hacked Democratic emails and passed them on to Wikileaks who leaked them to the media. Democrats have been warning for months that the emails contain false information that was placed there by the Russians. It has been independently proven that the emails contain fake information.

While not totally fake, the emails are highly likely to contain false information. In other words, the emails aren’t credible.

In a more contested campaign, it would be necessary for Clinton to push back on the emails, but the reality is that the media has reported on the emails, and voters don’t care.

Clinton is winning, so there is no need to give the child of the Putin/Assange/Trump love triangle the attention that it so desperately craves, but understand that anyone who claims the Wikileaks emails are 100% accurate is pushing a lie.